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Real Life Experiences with Modafinil

“I am currently studying for my MBBS Medical Degree. I am now in year 5 and am close to completing my course and starting my residency. I wanted to tell you about my experience with the smart pill Modafinil. When I applied for medicine, it was a tough time for me, with the ever growing applications and little space for students, I found myself in a very competitive stage of my life. With having applied to five Med Schools, I was praying that I would get a place and begin my dream of studying medicine. Unfortunately, my grades did not allow me to gain entry to any of the universities that I had applied for. Luckily, after some students could not continue with their placement, I was offered an interview at last minute and although my grades were not great, after the interview I managed to gain a spot in London to study medicine! Having always had my head in the books and dedicated my time to my studies, I was so happy. After starting, I was shocked at the vast amounts of information that needed to be taken in within the first year. My other class mates made it look easy but to be honest, I was struggling to retain the information. After spending all day at lectures and my spare time in the library, my first grades on my assignments were barely passes. I was wondering how I was going to cope. I felt like crying! After drinking coffee after coffee and not getting anywhere, one of my fellow students told me about Modafinil. I was hesitant to take any drugs or supplements but at this point I was willing to try anything! After receiving some in the post, I woke up one morning and took my first pill. Within about one hour, I felt alive. I raced back into the library with a clear head and felt confident to study. This was where my life changed. After just one day’s study I began to retain lots of information and start connecting it with what I was taught in my lectures. After this point in my studies, I took 200mg of Modafinil per day and it completely changed how my brain worked. I was able to wake up fresh with all of the information still floating around in my head. After this point, I began to strive with my performance. I was getting top grades on nearly every assignment and I felt great. Four years down the line and I am looking to finish with a first! Modafinil has not only saved my place in med school, it has also changed my life for the better. I can still remember the lecturer’s advice from year one, two and three! I know I will succeed to become a great doctor and I have this amazing smart drug to thank for all of it. It allowed me to use by brain like I couldn’t never have imagined. For anyone who is struggling with their studies, Modafinil will change not only your grades but your life!”

“I want to tell you about my incredible experience with the drug Modafinil. I am now a successful business owner, but it was not always this way. A few years ago, I decided to start my own estate agent business within the property industry. I had invested my whole life savings to start this business and even having to re-mortgage my house. After running this business for 3 months, I soon realised that, with the growing competition and the market which had frozen at the time, I could not pull in the custom. Every month I was losing money due to my business fees and lack of sales. I was in a pretty bad situation. Working day and night to advertise and try and promote my business took its toll on me. I was not sleeping, feeling crap all day and having to fight this utter feeling of failure. Soon after I was in the weeds, I looked online for some caffeine pills when I stumbled across Modafinil. I decided to give it a go as I had read that other business men had used this drug to help them think and build their creativity towards their business. After my tablets arrived in the post I started taking them at 400mg per day which was two tablets. I took one in the morning and one in the afternoon. After only 2 days of taking Modafinil. It was like a light switched on in my own head. I began to see holes in the market and promote my business in different ways. Soon after a few weeks went by, I had much more custom. I do not know if it was due to me being more upbeat with all of these new ideas or if it was down to my new persona with my customers. Either way, I started to gain more custom and started looking for holes in the market overseas. After a few hard working months, my business was growing and growing. Tasks that I could not usually complete in a day, I was completing before lunch time! Since then my business has not stopped growing and admittedly, I do sill use Modafinil but only at 200mg per day now. Thanks to this amazing smart drug, I have managed to change my whole mindset and see ways of growing my business which I never would have thought of before! Modafinil had been my savior. I do not want to think where I would be now if I did not discover this miracle drug. When I look back, it was like I was brain dead, but now, it’s like I can predict things coming before they even arrive at by door step. I give all my grace to this wonderful agent as it helped me to become the successful man I am today. My message to other entrepreneurs is, if you are struggling with your business or workload, find some Modafinil, it may change your life like it has mine!”


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