Look Fit & Fab with Fats: An Insight to Keto Diet

A diet is a fancy yet repulsive word that refrains you from consuming those treats and restricts your food participation with NO fat intake. These diet plans look easier but are difficult to follow, leaving people irritated and frustrated, and they tend to bounce back to their initial eating habits.

However, there is a unique diet regime which allows you to eat fats & in fact more of it and enables you to reduce a considerable amount of weight and believe it or not- one can lose fats even while sleeping.

Understanding the basics: What is the keto (also known as ketogenic diet) DIET?

A Car’s engine requires either of the two fuels namely petrol or diesel. Similarly, the human body requires energy either from the carbohydrates or fats. A keto diet comprises of a specific ratio of nutrients with high fats, average proteins and low-carb. It transforms a body into a fat burning machine. Our body usually uses carbohydrates to produce glucose which is used as a source of energy by the body.

When a body is under keto diet, as a thumb rule carbohydrates are consumed minimal, and intake of a high-fat diet is recommended which compels our liver to produce ketones molecules from liver and use this as a source of energy. Thus fat consumed is used to kit body fats.

This metabolic state of the body producing ketones from fats for its survival and using these ketones as a primary source of energy is known as a state of ketosis.

Meal-o-meter: Meal Plans

There are options for various meal plans:

  1. Dairy free Ketogenic diet – There are cases of lactose intolerance amongst people which implies a requirement of a meal plan free of dairy product in Keto diet. This includes red meat, poultry, seafood, low carb vegetables like leafy or green produce, low carb fruits like Avocados, berries etc. and nuts and seeds
  2. Vegetarian Ketogenic diet – For people avoiding animal meat, there are still options available to them for this diet. The diet includes low carb fruits like avocados, berries and some citrus fruits, nuts and seeds, low carb vegetables like leafy and green vegetables, dairy products like cheese, milk, butter etc.
  3. Non-veg Ketogenic diet – Animal fats and plant-based oils, red meat, poultry and seafood, dairy products and low carb fruits and vegetables.
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Keto plan can accommodate all sort of distinguished diet meals as per an individual’s taste and preferences. You can even consider using cbd oil on the side to better your results. CBD oil has been proven to be very effective when used alongside a consistent Keto diet.

There are a plethora of ketogenic recipes available which are easy to make, and your taste buds need not compromise like vegan sesame tofu and eggplant, vegetarian red coconut curry, Thai BBQ Pork salad and many more.

Thus one can easily explore different fat food recipes and not follow the regular mundane recipe of boiled and bland food.

Types of Keto Diet Plans

Different diet plans are designed under keto diet to match with individual’s fitness goals which include losing fat, grow muscle or dealing with certain diseases.

  1. The standard ketogenic diet (SKD)

This is the widely used diet programme for beginners. Under this diet plan, net carb intake is restricted to 20-50 grams a day, moderate protein and high fat are included.

  1. The Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD)

This diet plan involves eating carbohydrates 30 minutes before the workout and the starch should be glucose based foods and avoid fructose consumption as it replenishes liver glycogen. By eating carbs before a meal, they are easily and effectively burnt by the body.

  1. Cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD)

Under this diet plan, keto diet to be followed every alternate day, i.e. one day rigorously following keto diet and the next day eating high carb food. This process is cyclical and is called carb loading.

This is exclusively done by bodybuilders and athletes who can maximize their weight loss.

  1. The High protein Ketogenic Diet

This is SKD plus high protein. The excess protein intake in this diet helps muscle repair.

Common mistakes to be avoided.

Keto diet, when followed in a correct manner, creates impressive results. Therefore before

Taking a test drive, there are few do ’s and don’t’s to be known before starting this keto diet.


  1. Intake of wrong fats- Eating healthy fats have no detrimental effects. In fact, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are highly recommended for keto
  • Polyunsaturated Fats- Sesame oil, Cottonseed oil, Sunflower oil, Nuts & Seeds.
  • Monounsaturated Fats-Peanut oil, Avocado, Olives, Peanut Butter.
  1. Too much proteinKetosis diet works well when proteins are consumed moderately. Excess consumption would mean conversion of excess proteins into sugar which will move you out of ketosis.
  2. No prior meal planning– Though there are varied options available under keto diet meals, one has to plan a bit earlier their course of meals for the day else you might have hunger pangs which compels you to eat anything available and that knocks you out of ketosis.
  3. NO Quick fix– There is no shortcut to ketogenic diet weight loss regime, keto diet helps one to reduce weight but one need to be regular in their approach, and there is no shortcut available for the results to happen quickly.

Other than the above-stated mistakes, people tend to forget to take adequate sleep or intake of proper amount of water which can have a detrimental output of this diet.

Following a keto diet is like following a new lifestyle so learn in detail and avoid common mistakes.

Keto Diet: Help Battling Diseases.  

Many health conditions have benefitted from keto diet.

  1. Some cancers: While following the diet, ketone bodies are produced by the liver as the source of energy. Healthy cells are able to use these ketone bodies however unhealthy cells of cancer are unable to do so, resulting in the death of those cells.

Thus the body becomes inhospitable to cancer cells.

  1. Epilepsy: There are certain research works that prove that when a specific ratio is followed under this diet process, i.e. 4:1- four times as much fat and combined proteins and carbohydrates. The frequency of seizure has reduced substantially.
  2. Obesity: This is one primary reason why this diet is being raved about. Countless people have successfully reduced their weight to this miraculous diet.
  3. 4. Controls sugar level– Reduction in carbohydrates initiates less glucose level and thereby the sugar level in the body is easily maintained.

The success stories due to this diet plan are not limited to these diseases. There are other diseases which include Alzheimer’s, Autism, Depression and the more.

Final Takeaway

Keto Diet is used as a long-term healthy lifestyle with high success rate. This diet regime allows you to have your favourite fat comprising food and will instead burn your fat with those fats, landing you in a win-win situation. This high fat and low carb diet can shape you up. So stay stress- less and carb-less and enjoy keto diet where the word diet is only an irony and you can enjoy your favourite butter cheese pizza and still look slimmer. So switch to this ketogenic weight loss plan today and reap its benefits.