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Delving Into The Combined Health Benefits Of Modafinil And Kratom

Part 1: Introduction to Kratom:

Kratom is a tropical tree found in Southeast Asian countries and is popular for its medicinal benefits. The leaf of the tree has been used to treat several ailments including; digestive problems, pain, fatigue and more, it has been used by the locals throughout many ages. Although it is still illegal in several countries, it is legal for use in the US and quite easily available.

Its two primary ingredients mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, possess anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing properties. These components bind to the brain and spinal cord’s opioid receptors, thus, delivering pain-relieving effects. The effects can be felt in a few minutes and can last up to a few hours. It serves as a:

  • Stimulant when taken in small doses.
  • Sedative when taken in higher dosages

Due to lack of sufficient research and its associated side-effects, the FDA hasn’t given it a go for treating any medical condition. However, users of Kratom swear by its effectiveness and see it as a multi-purpose drug. They find it effective in helping with anxiety, pain management and reducing side-effects that result from opioid withdrawal.

Benefits of Kratom:

  • Reduces inflammation: Several prescription medications that are taken long-term for treating pain, cause several side-effects. Kratom is an effective natural substitute for prescription pain-killers, as it reduces inflammation and helps with muscle and chronic pain.
  • Boosts energy levels: Lighter strains of Kratom contain high mitrogynine content, which is responsible for the energy-boosting property and leaves its user more motivated to work.
  • Cognitive enhancement: The alkaloids present in Kratom, have cognitive enhancing properties. The combined effect of the alkaloids improves cognition by controlling anxiety, depression and also pain.

High Kratom doses can help with insomnia, but it can also come with an increased risk of anxiety. To counteract this effect, you can take a moderate dose of 5gm. Kratom is associated with side effects such as; a dry mouth, euphoria, talkativeness, nausea, sensitivity to sunburn and the risk of dependence. If you notice significant side-effects, you should reduce the dosage. 3 to 7gm is the recommended Kratom dosage, but reducing the dosage taken can help to alleviate side effects if they occur.

Part 2: Introduction to modafinil:

Modafinil is a prescription drug used for treating excessive sleepiness since 1998 by stimulating the central nervous system. The drug is primary used to help patients with sleeping disorders like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorders. College students and young adults are increasingly using Modafinil to help them cope with studies and work.

The stimulating effects reach the peak concentration 2 to 4 hours after the consumption and its half-life is around 12 to 15 hours. It delivers its stimulating effects by interacting with several neurochemicals including; serotonin, histamine, glucamate and orexin. It boosts the user’s mood by increasing the dopamine and norepinephrine levels.

Benefits of Modafinil:

  • Fights fatigue: Regardless of how little sleep you’ve had, taking Modafinil keeps you energized and lets you turn your attention on your work for hours. There is a significant increase in energy levels.
  • Better cognitive performance: Apart from promoting a state of wakefulness, Modafinil keeps you more focused, resulting in improved performance in studies or work, regardless of whether you are experiencing sleep issues when taken in low doses.
  • Better decision-making capability: Modafinil prevents a user from taking impulsive decisions and helps him or her in making better decisions.
  • May help with ‘hard drugs’ dependency: Modafinil can help some with ‘hard drugs’ addiction to fight their addiction. There are ongoing researches to confirm the effectiveness of Modafinil in treating substance abuse.
  • Stimulates the mind without causing the jitters: A common side effect caused by mind-stimulating drugs causes the “jitters”. Modafinil keeps the adrenaline levels in check so that these effects do not present themselves.
  • Hangover: You can treat and cure a hangover in a matter of minutes with Modafinil and start your day productively.
  • Weight loss: Modafinil suppresses the appetite, so gradually the calorie intake of a user goes down, which will be reflected in their weight. The increased energy levels additionally motivate the user to stay active and indulge in physical activities.

A small percentage of Modafinil users may experience side effects like; headaches, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, fever, restlessness or anxiety. It is almost impossible to overdose on Modafinil and there is a very low risk of developing dependence for this drug.

Part 3: Benefits and risks of taking Modafinil and Kratom together:

Both of these drugs are highly effective in treating several elements when taken individually. Many people are taking both drugs together to experience heightened benefits. Users experience a significant improvement in their cognitive functions, relief from pain, strengthened immune system, sexual stimulations, improved sperm quality and also in managing opium withdrawal symptoms.

There is also a reduced risk of drug dependence when both drugs are taken together. The best time to take these drugs is on an empty stomach, since food delays the absorption rate. Users who have combined both drugs, haven’t yet complained of any significant side effects. However, this doesn’t completely guarantee its safety. One could experience the following mild side effects.

Possible side effects:

  • Nausea is a common side effect and not a cause of concern;
  • Mild to severe diarrhea may occur a few hours after drug consumption. Contact a doctor if the symptoms persist for long and do not subside;
  • Partial or prolonged headaches;
  • Dizziness which can be relieved by resting for a while;
  • Temporary dry mouth;
  • Insomnia;
  • Upper respiratory tract infections (only noted in few users);
  • Muscle pain and spasms;
  • Watery eyes.

The side effects experienced are generally minimal. But some may be sensitive to these drugs and experience severe side effects in which case, you have to stop taking them. If you want to stop taking any of these drugs, it is recommended to gradually reduce the dosage rather than stopping it abruptly.

Modafinil and Kratom can have drug interactions with certain medications. If you are taking other medications like anti-depressants or opiates stimulants, talk to your doctor to confirm if any of these medicines would cause negative interactions with Modafinil or Kratom. Exercise caution when taking these drugs while intoxicated, as these associated side-effects are still unclear.

Part 4:

Stay hydrated when taking these drugs together to prevent any headaches. Modafinil and Kratom delivers several benefits when taken together, but since each individual’s body chemistry is different, the results may vary. Hence, seek professional advice to reduce the occurrence of any short-term or long-term side-effects.


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