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Modafinil is a synthetic central nervous system stimulant with wakefulness-promoting activity. Modafinil appears to inhibit dopamine reuptake, resulting in an increase in extracellular dopamine levels. This Smart drug is also known as “The Limitless Pill”, due to the limitless possibilities that are at your fingertips when using this smart agent!
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What is The Nootropic Drug Modafinil?

Modafinil is a pharmaceutical medication best known as a “eugeroic”, which is short terms, means that it promotes and enhances wakefulness within its users.

Modafinil is a novel non-addicting psychostimulant cognitive enhancement medication that is used to treat daytime drowsiness. While usually prescribed to battle daytime drowsiness, entrepreneurs, students, CEOs and general overworked tired individuals have discovered an alternatively beneficial use for Modafinil. Many use this smart drug to get more done within a day with added enhanced focus.

This nootropic drug is a favourite for safely boosted productivity and profits. Many people use it to power through their day, working quickly and efficiently to produce amazing results within their jobs, studies, businesses, or creative work loads, allowing them to come home and relax at the end of the day.

Table of contents

  1. What is The Nootropic Drug Modafinil?
  2. Where Did Modafinil Come From?
  3. Modafinil’s Many Beneficial Uses
  • Medical Use
  • Public Service Use
  • Off-Label Use
  • Does Modafinil Actually Work?
  1. Can Modafinil Help Me?
  2. Modafinil’s Great Advantages and Benefits!
  • Students
  • Businessmen
  1. Modafinil: The Real Life Limitless Smart Pill
  • Real Life Success
  • The New Era Of The Smart Pill
  1. What Dosage of Modafinil Should I Take and When?
  • Dosage
  • Administration
  1. Side Effects Associated with Modafinil
  • Modafinil Interactions
  1. Availability and Legal Status in the USA

Where Did Modafinil Come From?

The history of the drug Modafinil dates way back to the 1970s, when in France its metabolic precursor “Adrafinil” was first discovered by two local chemists working in Lafon Laboratories who were looking to find potential medicines to treat narcolepsy.

Michel Jouvet, a neurophysiologist who was working at the same company, discovered that Modafinil was actually a primary metabolic product of Adrafinil and after trialling Modafinil with narcoleptic patients, it was found to work faster and be much more effective than Adrafinil. After seeing these results, Modafinil was approved for treating narcolepsy in France in the year 1994 under the brand name Modiodl.

In 1998, a pharmaceutical company called Cephalon obtained an exclusive license from Lafon Laboratories to manufacturer Modafinil within the United States which the Food and Drug Administration then approved its use to treat narcolepsy and this was under the brand name Provigil.

In the United Kingdom, the final, safest and most effective nootropic Modafinil, was first approved for use in December 2002.

In 2003, Modafinil was also approved for treating excessive daytime sleepiness in obstructive sleep apnoea and for shift-work sleep disorders. Until today, this medication is still used to treat these conditions along with other users within the medical field.

Modafinil’s Many Beneficial Uses

Modafinil’s beneficial effects have been highly noticed, not only in the medical field, but also for other conditions that relate to fatigue, tiredness and an overall lack of motivation.

Medical Use: Within the medical field, Modafinil is used to treat; narcolepsy, shift-work sleep disorders and obstructive sleep apnoea. But that’s not all! Studies have also shown that using Modafinil, alongside medications for depression and anxiety, can make these medications more effective. Recent ongoing studies have also shown that Modafinil may even be able to help to fight manic depression as a standalone medication!

Its predecessors Modiodl and Adrafinil were seen as great for treating these medical conditions at the time when they were being marketed. But since the discovery of Modafinil, due to its clean cognitive enhancement properties along with no reported ill feelings of side effects from this drug, it outshines all of the previous versions of these nootropic smart drugs. Being so well-tolerated and giving such relief for patients within the medical field, Modafinil stands out on the radar to many medical professions around the globe.

Public Service Use: This medication has also been extensively used within the military to keep soldiers alert while being sleep-deprived. The wide use by soldiers who have large responsibilities on their shoulders, shows that this drug does not fall short at providing results when needed.

As of 2012, Modafinil has been the only drug that had been approved and used by the US Air Force as a “go pill” for certain missions. Its very mild side effects along with its ability to eliminate mental fatigue makes this smart drug a golden advantage for soldiers who need that laser-like focus and mental enhancement for their tough duties to say the least.

In the past, Amphetamines have been used by soldiers to give them the upper hand when it comes to tactical thinking and an overall switched-on mental state. Unfortunately, these types of medications come with side effects and what some soldiers have described as a “crash” between dosages. This is where Modafinil came in and took over. It was able to give soldiers, not even similar, but better effects with respects to a wakefulness feel, but also the ability to think clearly, smartly and more effectively. This gives Modafinil a great advantage over its similar pre-used medications, with reports of no ill feeling, just an alert and enhanced state of mind. They say that “if your mind is strong, your body will follow” and this has been demonstrated within the military so this is why it is one of the only used drugs within the public services to this day!

Off-Label Use: Being used so widely for a variety of different reasons makes this “Smart Drug” stand out with its beneficial cognitive enhancement properties. Because of this, this drug has been noticed by people suffering with a cognitive dysfunction caused by a variety of different issues in everyday life. Also this drug has been noticed by people who do not suffer with any of these medical issues, but rather people who are striving for success and want to take their cognitive levels to higher limits. This is why this drug has been used widely for its off-label use as the “smart” or “limitless” pill. Having so many people see great advantages and benefits from the use of this drug outside of the public service sector, has made Modafinil a golden ticket for success for most regular users.

Does Modafinil Actually Work?

Modafinil is one of the nootropic drugs that tops all of its predecessors. Well, Modafinil hasn’t gained its title as “The Smart Pill” because it doesn’t work! This drug has been proven to work by many successful people who have used it to gain an upper edge in their performance.

In competitive environments where an enhanced mental advantage is the difference between defeat or victory, Modafinil is the number one smart pill for individuals who strive off of their high performances and look to gain that reliable cognitive edge over there competitors.

This smart drug is known to produce endless amounts of neurological energy, long lasting motivation levels and laser-like focus! This drug should be on everyone’s wish list, as there are very few nootropic drugs that will supercharge the brain like Modafinil.

Modafinil is the closest drug that compares with the NZT-48 smart pill from the Limitless movie which we will get into in a moment. Being that it is such a strong cognitive enhancer, that can give you close to “super-like intelligence”, what’s not to like? People use this drug to enhance their studies, businesses and overall capabilities due to its capability to provide you with the ability to tap in to your own extra cognitive abilities and in turn, allow you to produce vast high volumes of work or tasks in very little periods of time.

In fact, Modafinil has been known to work so well for its off-label use as an incredible smart drug, that many users do not recommend this drug to their competitors, as they like having the upper hand over their fellow students or colleges. This shows that Modafinil is so beneficial most people want to keep it to themselves!

Can Modafinil Help Me?

When we are hit by tiredness or fatigue, the first thoughts that cross our mind are, “I need a coffee” or “I should have gotten more sleep”. In some cases, one coffee or just one day of being tired is classed as normal. But what about for those people who suffer with regular fatigue or tiredness?

Many people who suffer from; being overworked, not gaining enough sleep or studying for very long hours every day, need a little more help than just a coffee! But the last thing that people would think about is taking medications or drugs to help them battle these issues. Being legal to possess and also legal to consume without a prescription (as long as purchased from overseas), shows that this drug is not a hard drug used by criminals. It is rather a helpful agent that is used by many respectable medical professionals, lawyers and even celebrities such as Tim Ferris, Dave Asprey and athletes such as Kelli White and Barry Bonds.

As stated, Modafinil is used by a variety of different people, including dentists, business entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers, night shift workers and so on. Look at these few statements and ask yourself if any of these apply to you:

  • I drink too much coffee and it is not working for me anymore;
  • Near the end of my shift, I am so tired that I cannot perform at my best anymore;
  • I am lacking to gain enough sleep and I am going to work very tired;
  • After reading for hours, my brain slows down and I struggle to keep up the pace;
  • There are not enough hours in the day for me to complete my studies;
  • As the boss, I do everything and work too long hours, my energy levels are low;
  • All of this overtime is killing me, I am losing my normal everyday energy at work;
  • I cannot study and look after my kids at the same time, it is too much;
  • I have insomnia and cannot go to work as I am always too tired;
  • My mood is low, I am tired and I cannot pick myself back up.

If any of these statements are valid within your daily life, studies or work place, the great news is Modafinil can help you!

Defeats Fatigue

Enhanced Alertness

Longer Lasting Energy

Heightened Motivation

Improved Memory

Modafinil’s Great Advantages and Benefits!

  • Defeats Fatigue – The reduction in fatigue is remarkable with the use of Modafinil. Users can benefit from pushing out them last few hours of work or study with no problems at all. Even with no sleep, with the use of this drug, you can feel mentally energized and be ready for the day. This added ability to fight fatigue applies to many different situations in life and can be the difference between you being an average individual working as hard as you can, or being that individual who stands out above all by working the same amount, but with the enhanced energy. Therefore, being able to accomplish what you could not have done without the use of this incredible smart drug.
  • Enhanced Alertness – Whether you are fully-rested or have had no rest at all, you can be reassured that you will be on full alert with the use of this smart drug. After consuming this drug, your alertness will be up and enhanced for long periods of time. This can be very beneficial for individuals in many walks of life. Becoming tired or overworked is a part of our human nature, but with the use of Modafinil, being able to be on the ball and fully alert for extensive periods of times allows us to achieve greater things whist staying fully productive within our tasks, which usually would not be possible without the use of this drug.
  • Longer Lasting Energy – Modafinil significantly improves the ability to perform intensive mental tasks for long periods of time. If taken at a slightly higher dosage, this enhanced mental energy can last anywhere from 24-36 hours. This smart drug will increase a user’s overall energy levels throughout various different tasks that need to be achieved. However, if this is taken at a slightly higher dosage, it has the ability to be able to allow you to push through even the most gruelling amounts of workloads that are needed. Some individuals take this approach when they are needing to study hard with limited amounts of time or are business personnel who need to achieve a vast number of big tasks within setting up their new companies or even striving to grow companies up and beyond to break through the point of overcoming their competitors.
  • Heightened Motivation – Studies have shown that Modafinil will enhance your cognitive ability and also your overall mood, this means that you will be in a positive state of mind and this will lead to increased overall motivation for whatever gruelling tasks are ahead. Having this enhanced motivation can provide you with the ability to open up your neurological capabilities and help you to strive for success. It has been noted that people who struggle to concentrate while being under intensive pressure can push through and come up with new ideas and new ways of benefiting them as an individual as well as the company they are working for. This extra added motivation can become the difference between staying at your current level in life or making you shine and become more successful within your chosen path.
  • Improved Memory – Modafinil has been shown to improve both the long and short term memory. With enhanced cognitive abilities, it has been shown that with the use of this smart drug, you can rekindle some vague memories and also enhance your ability to store more current information more efficiently. This has become one of the most beneficial advantages from Modafinil, due to the fact that its able to help retain vast amounts of information and tap into this stored information with ease, allows for the individual to be able to become enhanced and find and promote new ideas faster and more efficiently. This advantage mainly benefits those who study or are looking to retain vast amounts of information so that they may benefit in certain walks of life.

Having so many benefits, this versatile wonder drug can really change a person’s life from top to bottom. Now only can this help people who suffer from medical conditions or the increased fatigue from being in the armed forces, Modafinil’s off-label use has become one of the most beneficial to many users to this day! 

Students: Reports have found that students who have struggled with their intensive studies such as medicine, were not able to retain the information needed to gain the grades required to progress, but after the use of Modafinil, these students have gone on to succeed in their studies and have passed their MBBS medical degrees with high pass rates. This has been found similar with other intensive career choices such as law school. Many law students have been struggling to gain access into their desired universities, but once they have accepted the help from Modafinil, many are now fully qualified lawyers which have passed with high success rates from some of the top universities around the USA.

Businessmen: There are many cases where business entrepreneurs have gone solo and started their own companies, but the intensive drive needed to be able to get a business off of the ground to up and running, becomes a surprise to many new entrepreneurs. There are many reports that show that, after struggling and finding this amazing cognitive enhancement drug, they have been able to pull through the late nights, overcome their obstacles and create new and more efficient ways of running and promoting their businesses. In turn, these reports find that many businessmen who use Modafinil, have successfully built up their businesses and some have even turned them into empires.

Modafinil: The Real Life Limitless Smart Pill

In the film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper, a smart nootropic drug called NZT-48 was used to allow users to fully connect and enhance the performance of their brain. The drug NZT-48 was actually based on the new found nootropic Modafinil.

In the movie Limitless and now the CBS drama, Modafinil or “NZT-48” was a fictional drug that gives the user super-human intelligence. In reality, Modafinil, which is FDA-approved for sleep disorders, is developing a large following due to its off-label success as a smart pill.

Katherine Burdick, who serves as an associate professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at the Ichan School of Medicine, said the increased intelligence that users may feel is likely something that they are already capable of. “In general these drugs don’t tend to give people ideas that they didn’t already have,” Brundick said. “They may make it easier for people to access those ideas that they could not access before.”

Real Life Success

Dave Asprey, the CEO of Bulletproof and a coffee and nutrition company, claims Modafinil is directly linked to his success. “When I started taking it, it was like the lights came back on, and I was able to do things I’d never been able to do before”.

Dave Asprey stresses that a healthy lifestyle is a must to make the most of this smart pill. “I’d like to have it for those days when I just don’t know if I can do it, and all of a sudden, you can do it and do it with ease,” Asprey said.

Building such an empire and having such success from using Modafinil has gotten Dave Asprey where he is today. He stated that “I would not be where I am today without the help and benefits of Modafinil”. It was also stated that, those who are using it as a smart pill, say they feel no ill effects the next day.

The New Era Of The Smart Pill

The Harvard Business Review also published a paper a few years back with the heading, Like It or Not, “Smart Drugs” Are Coming to the Office. Within this article, it stated the monstrous growth in the use of the nootropic drug Modafinil. Having helped so many entrepreneurs create big successful businesses and also having helped many normal mid-ranged students to be able to fly through medical schools with top grades, Modafinil had certainly grabbed the attention of many people!

Within the article, Anna-Katharine Brem found that, although this smart pill can have such a positive effect, it was also called the world’s first safe smart pill:

“We know that at least some of these drugs are medically safe. According to Anna-Katharine Brem, a co-author of the Harvard-Oxford study, Modafinil has “vanishingly few side effects” when used in a controlled environment. After the study was published, media reports began to refer to Modafinil as “the world’s first safe smart drug”.

For those who wonder if this “Limitless Pill” can actually re-wire and enhance the brain like stated, the answer is YES it can! Also, being classed as the world’s first safe smart drug, makes Modafinil a real life smart drug that can allow its users to open up their mind, enhance their cognitive abilities and do things that they never thought would be possible. It’s time to see what this amazing wonder drug can do for you!

What Dosage of Modafinil Should I Take and When?

The recommended daily dose of Modafinil is 200 mg. Some user’s take a higher dosage of 400mg per day but this should be done with caution as using over 400mg per day can be a little overpowering for some new users.

Dosage: It is advised to take 200mg per day to start off with and see how your mind and body tolerates this smart drug. Many users, who have been very successful due to the use of Modafinil, suggest that 200mg a day is more than suitable. However, for those days where being alert and on the ball can lead to increased advantages within your life, 400mg per day will help you to be spot on with enhanced focus for when it is needed. After you have achieved these tasks and goals with success, dropping back down to 200mg per day will still allow you to have that cognitive edge but without running such high dosages for long periods of time.

Administration: Taking Modafinil can be done with or without food, because Modafinil does not upset the stomach, so it is not necessary to eat before consuming this drug. If you would like this smart pill to give you a boost early morning, consuming it with no food will ensure a faster kick in time from this drug. Consuming Modafinil with food will only delay its effects.

The most beneficial way of consuming Modafinil, is always taking it first thing in the morning or at the beginning of your day. Because Modafinil has a long lasting effect, users find that it is more beneficial to take a dose early morning, to ensure that they are alert and on the ball throughout the day. Some people find Modafinil to work better for them when splitting a 200mg dose into half, taking 100mg in the morning and 100mg at lunch. Again, this will depend on your personal tolerance levels to this drug and also your current cognitive state.

Side Effects Associated with Modafinil

As we read earlier, Modafinil is classed as the safest smart drug available and many users use this drug without any issues of side effects at all. Although this is the case, there are still possibilities for side effects similar to that of any other mild drug. Side effects with mild drugs are usually a results of other bad lifestyle choices such as a lack of exercise, drinking alcohol on a regular basis, taking other toxic compounds alongside this agent and the general overall impaired health of some individuals.

Some of the associated side effects from using Modafinil that have been reported include;

  • Headaches;
  • Runny nose;
  • Inability to sleep;
  • Nervousness;
  • Back pain;
  • Diarrhoea;

These are not the only known side effects but are among the common ones that have been experienced by people that have used Modafinil. Although the number of occurrences of these side effects is rare among people that use this nootropic, if any side effects occur, the effects often go away in a short period of time without any interventions.

If you have been using Modafinil for a long time and observe any of these signs that do not go away on their own, it is advised to call your doctor immediately for further help.  A good piece of advice while consuming any nootropic, is to drink plenty of water throughout the day and while consuming this medication.

Modafinil Interactions

A total of 500+ pharmaceutical ingredients that are in nearly 2.5 thousand drug brands are known to interact with Modafinil. Most drug interactions are moderate to mild, but can nevertheless result in uncomfortable or even dangerous symptoms. Keep in mind that when you are consuming this nootropic while on other medications, it is best to check whether the drug that you are taking is known to have an interaction with Modafinil.

If you are suffering with any underlying health conditions, it should be advised that there are diseases and other health implications that could possibly interact with the use of Modafinil.

If you suffer from any of the listed health conditions below, please do not consume Modafinil without the supervision and advise from your registered practitioner:

  • Heart disease
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney dysfunction
  • Seizure disorders
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Liver disease

One interaction that applies to many people with potentially long-lasting consequences, is Modafinil’s interaction with oral contraceptives. While consuming Modafinil, oral contraceptives can be less effective for up to one month even after you have discontinued the use of Modafinil. This interaction is not known to be harmful, but it must be known before consuming Modafinil in case of an unwanted pregnancy. Using rubber protection is one way to ensure that this interaction will not become a hindrance to you and your partner while under the consumption of this great nootropic.

Although these side effects have been reported by some users while using Modafinil, if you are a healthy individual, the likely-hood of you experiencing any of these side effects is very slim. This is a well-tolerated nootropic drug that has been used by vast amounts of the population with no occurring side effects at all. 

Availability and Legal Status in the USA

In the United States and many other countries, Modafinil is classed as a schedule IV class drug under the Controlled Substances Act. In other countries such as Russia, Modafinil is under the same legal status as morphine and cocaine. This is not because it has harsh toxic properties like these other drugs, but is due to its cognitive enhancer properties. Maybe these strict countries are afraid of people being able to use much more of their brain and become successful entrepreneurs rather than factory workers or working for government-run companies.

Within the USA, Modafinil is called as a POM, which stands for Prescription Only Medication. You cannot buy Modafinil or any other nootropic drugs without a valid prescription from your doctor.

Luckily, within the USA, it is legal to obtain this drug and also to consume it. The law states that this medication cannot be sold within the USA, so for instance you cannot order a big box-full and sell it to your friends, but if you would like to order yourself a three-month supply then this is legal and safe to do so from overseas suppliers.

When purchasing Modafinil without a prescription from overseas, it is vital that you make your own judgement with regards to your health. Although Modafinil is known to be a very mild drug in respects that it has little to no side effects, if you are suffering from some, or many other health implications, you must be cautious before consuming this medication.

When you are ordering from overseas, it is also vital to choose the right vendor. We have talked about the amazing benefits that this smart drug can bring and also the advantage of no reported ill feeling from using this smart drug, but this only applies if you purchase the real drug or at worst, a real generic version. Purchasing a drug that is not Modafinil or its generic version, may lead to a lack of these benefits and also increased side effects. This is due to unknown ingredients that may be used within non-genuine tablets.


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